Thomas Studholme Contemplates His Cover Design For This Year’s Collected Edition of Our Stories While the Others Slave Away Behind (above); Thomas Further Down The Creation Cover Track - No With Color! (below).

Mateo Cantu (left) Finds Solitude While Zak Kinsella & Nick Salmon Talk Story...Or Hangovers, While The Others Scratch Away (above); Page #1 from Mateo Cantu & My 24-Hour Story, GUMBLE: THE SOBER OGRE (below).

Bruce MacIntosh of The Comic Book Classroom & The Denver Comic Con Was On Hand Promoting The Charity, Event & Had Their 24-Minute Comic Challenge for the Kiddies (above); Robin Dempsey Working Hard During Her 2nd 24-Hour Comic Event(below).

Ted Intorcio Works Out His Story Concerning His Trip to A.P.E. This Past Year(above); Sam Spina Working Hard To Prove He Deserved That Xeric Grant!(below).

Kevin Caron Continues His 24-Hour Magnum Opus - “24-HOUR HAMLET” (above); A Visibly Coffee-Shaken Dan Crosier Penciling “TWO CUPS OF COFFE” (below).

Writer Nick Salmon Works On His 24-Hour Comic Script For Zak Kinsella(above); Zak Kinsella Attempts To Not Out-Pace Nick! (below).

Mateo Cantu at Work Early On Saturday (above); Mateo Shows Off His Complete, Highly Detailed Story Early On Sunday Morning (below).

Last Man Standing! Sam Spina Completed His 24-Page, 24-Hour Comic Early Sunday Morning (below).

Time To Go Home! Jay & Mateo Celebrate The Completion Of Their First Collaboration! (below).