JAY: "I always get excited to see next interpretation of Harry shrinking and growing. He never does the same effects twice, but they are always interesting, and we get to see it here as Harry grows upon entering the hotel room.

    Martin and Harry’s friendship was touched upon in the first arc of SHORT-STACK, but this relationship comes to the fore for this arc. I love the casualness of Martin on the bed talking to himself as Harry explodes the action in the foreground.”

DREW: When I saw that the second page was going to be a splash page- I immediately wanted to echo the image of the cover. I wanted to show how a scene can be seen differently based on your perceptions. One person may see a scenario one way, and the next person's vision may be slightly different. I love the way Jay gets us caught up on the nature of the two friend's relationship- a succinct summary in a couple of text bubbles! ”